Module devices::pci

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Implements pci devices and busses.



  • acpi 🔒
  • coiommu 🔒
    This is the CoIOMMU backend implementation. CoIOMMU is a virtual device which provide fine-grained pinning for the VFIO pci-passthrough device so that hypervisor doesn’t need to pin the enter VM’s memory to improve the memory utilization. CoIOMMU doesn’t provide the intra-guest protection so it can only be used for the TRUSTED passthrough devices.
  • msi 🔒
  • msix 🔒
  • pci_device 🔒
  • Trait definitions and implementations for PCI hotplug.
  • pci_root 🔒
  • pcie 🔒
  • pvpanic 🔒
    pvpanic is a simulated device, through which a guest panic event is sent to a VMM. This was initially developed for qemu with linux in-tree drivers and opensource driver for windows also exist now.
  • stub 🔒
    Implements a stub PCI device. This can be used to put a device on the PCI bus that will show up in PCI device enumeration with the configured parameters. The device will otherwise be non-functional, in particular it doesn’t have any BARs, IRQs etc. and neither will it handle config register interactions.
  • vfio_pci 🔒


  • A wrapper structure for pci device and vendor id.