Module crosvm::crosvm::cmdline

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Set balloon size of the crosvm instance to SIZE bytes
Prints virtio balloon statistics for a VM_SOCKET
Prints virtio balloon working set size for a VM_SOCKET
Modify battery
Create a new composite disk image file
Create Qcow2 image given path and size
Start a device process
Manage attached virtual disk devices
Structure containing the parameters for a single disk as well as a unique counter increasing each time a new disk parameter is parsed.
Container for GpuDisplayParameters that have been fixed after parsing using serde.
Container for GpuParameters that have been fixed after parsing using serde.
Injects a general-purpose event into the crosvm instance
Attach a new display to the GPU device.
Manage attached virtual GPU device.
List the displays currently attached to the GPU device.
Detach an existing display from the GPU device.
Enables real-time vcpu priority for crosvm instances started with --delay-rt
Triggers a power button event in the crosvm instance
Resumes the crosvm instance
User-specified configuration for the crosvm run command.
Triggers a sleep button event in the crosvm instance
Snapshot commands
Restore VM state from a snapshot created by take
Take a snapshot of the VM
Stops crosvm instances via their control sockets
Suspends the crosvm instance
Vmm-swap commands
Disable vmm-swap of a VM
Enable vmm-swap of a VM. The guest memory is moved to staging memory
Swap out staging memory to swap file
Get vmm-swap status of a VM
Trim pages in the staging memory
Attach usb device
Manage attached virtual USB devices.
Detach usb device
Detach usb device
Show package version.
add/remove host vfio pci device into guest



Return a vector configuration loaded from the files pointed by strings in a sequence.
Deserialize config_file into a RunCommand.
overwrite 🔒
Overwrite an Option<T> if the right member is set.