Building Crosvm on Windows

This page describes how to build and develop crosvm on windows. If you are targeting linux, please see Building Crosvm on linux

NOTE: Following instruction assume that

  • git is installed and git command exists in your Env:PATH
  • the commands are run in powershell

Create base directory - C:\src

mkdir C:\src
cd C:\src

Checking out

Obtain the source code via git clone.

git clone

Setting up the development environment

Crosvm uses submodules to manage external dependencies. Initialize them via:

cd crosvm
git submodule update --init

It is recommended to enable automatic recursive operations to keep the submodules in sync with the main repository (But do not push them, as that can conflict with repo):

git config submodule.recurse true
git config push.recurseSubmodules no

install-deps.ps1 install the necessary tools needed to build crosvm on windows. In addition to installing the scripts, the script also sets up environment variables.

The below script may prompt you to install msvc toolchain via Visual Studio community edition.

Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted -Scope CurrentUser

NOTE: Above step sets up enviroment variables. You may need to either start a new powershell session or reload the environemnt variables,

Build crosvm

cargo build --features all-msvc64,whpx