pub trait VmX86_64: Vm {
    fn get_hypervisor(&self) -> &dyn HypervisorX86_64;
    fn create_vcpu(&self, id: usize) -> Result<Box<dyn VcpuX86_64>>;
    fn set_tss_addr(&self, addr: GuestAddress) -> Result<()>;
    fn set_identity_map_addr(&self, addr: GuestAddress) -> Result<()>;
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A wrapper for using a VM on x86_64 and getting/setting its state.

Required Methods§

Gets the HypervisorX86_64 that created this VM.

Create a Vcpu with the specified Vcpu ID.

Sets the address of the three-page region in the VM’s address space.

Sets the address of a one-page region in the VM’s address space.