Module base::sys::unix

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  • fcntl 🔒
  • file_flags 🔒
  • FileReadWriteAtVolatile is implemented in terms of pread and pwrite. These are provided by platform-specific imports. On Linux they resolve to the 64-bit versions, while on MacOS the base versions are already 64-bit.
  • Macro and helper trait for handling interrupted routines.
  • iobuf 🔒
  • Used to send and receive messages with file descriptors on sockets that accept control messages (e.g. Unix domain sockets).


  • Trait for file descriptors can send and receive socket control messages via sendmsg and recvmsg.
  • An abstraction over named pipes and unix socketpairs. This abstraction can be used in a blocking and non blocking mode.




  • Trait for types that can be converted into an iovec that can be referenced by a syscall for the lifetime of this object.


  • Performs a logical OR of the given flags with the FD’s flags, setting the given bits for the FD.
  • Clears the given flags in the FD’s flags.

Type Definitions