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A wrapper around trace_marker tracing features


  • A trace context obtained from a trace_event!() call.



  • Vector counting how many tracing event contexts are running for each category.
  • Vector used to test if a category is enabled or not for tracing.
  • Sequential identifier for scoped trace events. This unique identifier is incremented for each new trace_event() call.


  • Initializes the trace_marker backend. It attepts to open the trace_marker file and keep a reference that can be shared throughout the lifetime of the crosvm process.
  • Platform-specific implementation of the push_descriptors! macro. If the trace_marker file has been initialized properly, it adds its file descriptor to the list of file descriptors that are allowed to be accessed when the process is jailed in the sandbox.
  • Platform-specific implementation of the trace_simple_print! macro. If tracing is enabled on the system, it writes the given message to the trace_marker file.