Trait base::sys::linux::signal::Killable

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pub unsafe trait Killable {
    // Required method
    fn pthread_handle(&self) -> pthread_t;

    // Provided method
    fn kill(&self, num: c_int) -> Result<()> { ... }
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Trait for threads that can be signalled via pthread_kill.

Note that this is only useful for signals between SIGRTMIN and SIGRTMAX because these are guaranteed to not be used by the C runtime.


This is marked unsafe because the implementation of this trait must guarantee that the returned pthread_t is valid and has a lifetime at least that of the trait object.

Required Methods§


fn pthread_handle(&self) -> pthread_t

Provided Methods§


fn kill(&self, num: c_int) -> Result<()>

Sends the signal num to this killable thread.

The value of num must be within [SIGRTMIN, SIGRTMAX] range.

Implementations on Foreign Types§


impl<T> Killable for JoinHandle<T>


fn pthread_handle(&self) -> pthread_t