Module crosvm::crosvm::sys::unix

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gpu 🔒
GPU related things depends on “gpu” feature
Manages minijails creation after VM starts. Minijail is created during a device hotplug.
Helper functions for PCI hotplug.
A high-level manager for hotplug PCI devices.
vcpu 🔒


Collection of devices related to PCI hotplug.


Commands to control the VM Memory handler thread.




Creates PCIE root port with only virtual devices.
Choose a default hypervisor if no --hypervisor option was specified.
get_hp_bus 🔒
Handles IRQs and requests from devices to add additional IRQ lines.
Start and jail a vhost-user device according to its configuration and a vhost listener string.
When control tubes hang up, we want to make sure that we’ve fully drained the underlying socket before removing it. This function also handles removing closed sockets in such a way that avoids phantom events.
run_kvm 🔒
run_vm 🔒
Setup crash reporting for a process. Each process MUST provide a unique product_type to avoid making crash reports incomprehensible.