fn remove_hungup_and_drained_tubes<T, U>(
    events: &SmallVec<[TriggeredEvent<T>; 16]>,
    wait_ctx: &WaitContext<T>,
    tubes: &mut Vec<U>,
    tube_indices_to_remove: Vec<usize>,
    get_tube_index: fn(token: &T) -> Option<usize>,
    make_token_for_tube: fn(_: usize) -> T
) -> Result<()>where
    T: EventToken,
    U: ReadNotifier,
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When control tubes hang up, we want to make sure that we’ve fully drained the underlying socket before removing it. This function also handles removing closed sockets in such a way that avoids phantom events.

tube_indices_to_remove is the set of indices that we already know should be removed (e.g. from getting a disconnect error on read).